Refurbished Fibre Optic Modems

Purchasing the correct fibre optic modems for a business is a key component of building an effective, robust and flexible IT infrastructure. Fibre optic broadband is currently the fastest means of transferring data, making these modems a necessity for any business which wants to fully embrace the digital marketplace and prepare itself for greater use of data in the future.

If you have fibre optic broadband at home then it’s pretty much certain that your internet service provider will have supplied a modem as part of your package. The Virgin Super Hub is a prime example of this type of equipment.

Why Choose Refurbished Modems?

If you’re looking for fibre optic modems for your business then you’ll want to source the best possible equipment at the most affordable prices. This means sticking to tried and trusted brand names such as Draytek Vigor, Netgear and Cisco, safe in the knowledge that the equipment will be secure, easily configured and capable of dealing with the growth of your business.

The refurbished modems on offer at My Next Box tick all of these boxes and more. By offering refurbished equipment which is every bit as effective as new, we allow businesses to build their IT network for a fraction of the normal cost with no drop in quality. We also make it easy to adopt a sustainable approach to purchasing equipment and instigate a shift toward environmentally friendly policies across the wider business.

With premium packaging and a 12 month Return to Base warranty as standard, our modems offer affordable IT solutions combined with a boost to corporate social responsibility. Make the shift today and automatically buying new will soon become a thing of the past.

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  1. NETGEAR D6220-100UKS Modem NETGEAR D6220-100UKS Modem

    NETGEAR D6220-100UKS AC1200 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi High-Speed ADSL/VDSL 

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  2. CISCO EA8300-UK Modem CISCO EA8300-UK Modem


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  3. Netgear CM1000 Fibre Optic Modem Netgear CM1000 Fibre Optic Modem

    Netgear CM1000 Gigabit Ethernet Cable Modem - 1 Gbps

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3 Items

Fibre Optic Modems

Buying refurbished fibre optic modems offers many benefits for businesses. Get affordable, high quality brand name equipment from My Next Box.

Benefits of Refurbished

Why opt for refurbished over new? You can do so much more than just save money on your initial capital outlay. You create a virtuous circle in which hardware can be refurbished and reused to meet your requirements whilst minimising the impact on the wider environment.

Embedding this kind of sustainable thinking at the heart of your procurement policy will place your company at the vanguard of social and ethical responsibility. By investing in refurbished servers rather than automatically sourcing new products, you can broaden the transformation of your IT ecosystems for less. Recognising the duty you have to the environment here and now will also benefit the generations still to come.

It’s not about ticking a green box or making a token gesture. It’s about ensuring sustainability is present in the DNA of your IT systems, from the smallest component all the way up to the bigger picture. Choosing refurbished options from leading manufacturers will enable you to do exactly that, whether you’re purchasing for a large scale organisation or individual provision. 

Company Accreditations

Listed below are our company accreditations to provide assurances of our services level standards. A complete peace of mind whilst working with us.

Environment agency exemption T11

Being registered with the Environment Agency under a T11 exemption, we are allowed to repair, refurbish, dismantle and recycle various types of electronic waste. We mainly specialise in Networking Routers, Switches, Servers and Storage, with a small volume of Laptops, Desktops and mobile devices. Therefore most of the WEEE generated would be related to this category of E-waste. Our T11 registration site reference number: NC2/060999/2017

Waste Carrier License

As a business that carries EEE waste as part of our business process, we comply with the Environment agency requirement, to be registered as a Waste Carrier Broker. Our Registration no is CBDU92807. You can also verify our registration number at the EA website

Environment Agency waste storage permission

As a business, which repairs and refurbishes IT Hardware for Re-Use, we are registered with the Environment Agency permitting us to store WEEE which has been generated from units, which are not for reuse purposes. All WEEE is then transported to a downstream WEEE processor, who is authorised by the EA to treat WEEE waste.

ICO Certificate

The Information Commissioner’s Office requires organisations and data controllers who process personal information to be registered with the ICO. Since setting up the business in 2009, we have been registered with the ICO and are fully compliant with all DATA protection laws and the upcoming GDPR requirements.

ISO 14001 certified

The ISO14001 sets the standards for Environmental Management Systems. Our business model is all about a positive environmental impact through reuse rather than manufacturing new, therefore creating a circular business model and the ISO 14001 validates that. Not only are we reducing waste through a business model, business processes but we are also creating a sustainable eco-system for our customers for refurbished IT Procurement.

ISO 9001 certified

As a Certified ISO9001 business you can be assured that we operate to a set of audited management standards. We have streamlined business processes which clearly define each business process, from purchasing, to goods in, processing and goods out to name a few. These standards are not just written processes but are embedded within the business and embraced by every employee.

Data Processor Cyber privacy insurance

As an established and respected business, we have the required Public, Professional and Employers Liability Indemnity insurance. Additionally as a data processor, handling IT assets from other businesses we hold the specialist, Data Processor Cyber Privacy Indemnity insurance. Feel free to contact us should you require a copy when doing any business with us.

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