Best Dedicated Server for Businesses

Choosing the best dedicated server for your business, or on behalf of a business for which you provide IT infrastructure, is a vital part of putting an effective system together. The right server will form the cornerstone of any local area network (LAN) and will enable your people to communicate with each other and with wider networks.

Reputable Brand

For many people, choosing the best server is simply a question of purchasing hardware manufactured by an established and reputable brand like Dell. For others, such as smaller businesses, the expense involved in making this choice is too prohibitive. We provide refurbished servers which come with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, so the cost of purchasing IT hardware for your business needn’t be such an issue.

Factory Settings

Although our hardware has been used before, this doesn’t mean there is any drop off in the quality we offer. Every unit has had all existing data removed and has been restored to factory settings. All components are tested and any cosmetic damage is repaired. Finally, the unit you purchase, having been restored to A or B grade status, will be sent to you in premium packaging.


Purchasing refurbished hardware doesn’t only offer the peace of mind of getting the best dedicated server for an affordable price, it also represents a genuine shift toward sustainable procurement. Items which have previously been used make a much-reduced impact on the wider environment, allowing your business to adopt an eco-conscious purchasing policy which can soon be taken up in every sector of operations. At the same time as saving you money this will enable you to include eco-awareness as part of your branding, something which is increasingly sought after by concerned consumers.