Best Ethernet Cable for Your Business

Using Ethernet cables to connect the various devices within your IT infrastructure offers several advantages. Data transmitted via cables moves at a consistent speed which won’t be affected by outside influences, and is much more secure than information which is shared wirelessly. By choosing the best Ethernet cable you’ll be able to build a system which meets the demands of a modern business.

Data Transfer

The best Ethernet cable for your business is one which is capable of dealing with the data you need to handle today, and up to the task of adapting as your business grows. It may seem surprising when dealing with hi-tech issues such as data transfer, but the choice of cable may depend upon physical factors such as the number of twists the cable has per centimetre and the sheathing around the wire. A CAT5E cable may be suitable for a small business which does not require more than 1GB speed. That is reasonable because your ISP may only provide you with a 100mb broadband line.

Larger businesses with more complex IT infrastructure set over a larger physical space with longer cabling requirements will need Ethernet cabling which can carry larger volumes of data, like10GB or 100GB. Therefore you will need to be considering CAT6E or even CAT8.

Premium Packaging

If you get in touch with My Next Box we’ll discuss your requirements and recommend the best cable for your system. The one thing we can promise in advance is that our refurbished brand name refurbished cables will be the equal of any bought new but at a fraction of the price. Our 12 month Return to Base warranty offers complete peace of mind, and the fact that we ship everything in premium packaging underlines the excellence of our hardware.

Branding Boost

As well as saving money whilst building a system which perfectly meets your needs, buying refurbished Ethernet cables will mean making a genuine and effective contribution to the wider environment. A genuinely sustainable policy will also provide a major boost to your wider branding and will soon become a part of all of procurement decisions. Come to My Next Box and you’ll save money, build the systems you need and play a role in protecting the planet for the current and future generations.