Best Long Range Router

If you’re lucky, there will come a point at which your business needs to expand. One of the problems most people find trickiest when this happens is the fact that the IT infrastructure of the business needs to be expanded too. A piece of hardware such as the best long range router you can afford can play a huge role in making this manageable.

Longer Distances

As the name suggests, a long range Wi-Fi router can connect devices over longer distances than standard routers. If you’re working in an environment such as a large office or warehouse this can be absolutely invaluable, and can facilitate seamless communication for a team distributed over a wide area.  

Unbroken Connections

You can also make use of the same or similar hardware to ensure unbroken Wi-Fi connections across spaces such as gardens and workshops, or when several separate locations within a larger compound need to be linked. The best long range router might be able to cover a smaller distance, whereas a router plus wireless access points can extend the distance even further.

Unit Cost

No matter which type of router or combination of routers you require, purchasing refurbished network hardware from My Next Box represents the best possible choice. In the first place it will enable you to maximise your spend, since the unit cost of each individual item will be considerably lower than newly purchased equipment.

Despite being refurbished, our hardware comes with a 12 month Return to Base warranty and is shipped in premium packaging. Without accepting any drop in quality your business will be able to enjoy all the benefits of sustainable procurement. These benefits include a boost to your corporate identity and the knowledge that you’re playing your part in preserving the wider environment for future generations.